Public Pickups – Tracy

Good morning fellas! Are you still too sleepy to get out of bed! In this case, have a look at this lucky bastard and how he started fresh in the morning! As we promised you last week, public pickups brings to you today this lucky guy, he had no idea when he went to the gas station who was he going to see there! How about Tracy! How do you think they talked about? Was she only going to say hi and walk away? Well this dude had not only the opportunity to see her sexy body all naked in from of his eyes but he also had the chance to fuck her brains out! Check out now how they ended up having outdoor sex in the back of the gas station near a car! Click here for another scene, like this one!

This pal definitely has a very energic morning! He was so sure that his friend would never believe him so he filmed their entire discussion and also the sex session! Tracy was wearing a very short pair of pants that was making the guys to think about having sex! This hot babe showed to him her natural large boobies, kneeled down, took this guy’s cock out and started to suck it very hard and fast! As he was so heated up, asked her to get up and bend over and started to shove his huge cock into her hungry wet pussy! In the end he had the nuts to cum all over her face! What a nerve! Enjoy guys!


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